See the Spectrum

客户 Client:See the Spectrum

创作年份 Year:2019

作品尺寸 Size:综合 Misc

艺术指导 Art Director:Hannah Coward, Hilaire Fong

设计师 Designer:韦雅泉 Yaquan Wei 廖安琪 Anqi Liao

插图 Illustration :韦雅泉 Yaquan Wei 廖安琪 Anqi Liao

摄影 Photographer:韦雅泉 Yaquan Wei 廖安琪 Anqi Liao

文案 Copywriter:韦雅泉 Yaquan Wei 廖安琪 Anqi Liao




Project Background




The China’s LGBT community has come a long way in a short amount of time, but there’s still plenty of opposition to face down, from common bullying to legal discrimination.




Problem Statement and Project Solution




In China, those who discriminate against the LGBT community are conservative in thought. They believe that LGBT community is a group of psychopaths and moral degenerates. This erroneous spread misled most of the Chinese people. In China to spread the correct knowledge about LGBT community is necessary and very important, only the idea of error corrected, the Chinese public to accept LGBT community, a wider range of people gradually accept the presence of LGBT community in the world of objective facts, to promote the public’s perception of LGBT community such problems.



创作过程 & 结果呈现

Creation Process & Result


See the Spectrum是一个致力于推广LGBT社区权利的品牌。我们设计了两种解决方案。 首先是使用海报来提高对中国LGBT社区人权状况的认识,并减少公众对该群体的偏见。 其次是开发主题产品,例如胸针,购物袋和公共交通卡,以展示对品牌对中国LGBT社区的支持。See the Spectrum邀请大家加入我们的平等斗争。


The See the Spectrum is a brand dedicated to promoting LGBT community rights. We have designed two solutions. First is to use posters to raise awareness of human rights status of the community in China and reduce public prejudice to the group. Second is to develop themed products, such as brooch, shopping bag, and joint public transportation card, to showcase support to LGBT community in China. See the Spectrum invites you all to join us in our fight for equality.



如何理解项目与“人文湾区 ∙ 温暖的设计”这一主题的关联性?

How does the project reflect the exhibition theme "Cultural Bay Area • Humanistic Design"?


See the Spectrum希望以设计的方式唤起大众对LGBT社区的关注,以提倡“包容性城市”的概念,强调城市不同主题发展权利的均等性。通过鼓励各方面的多元化,包括性别、种族、族裔、年龄、性取向、地理、观点、理念和经历在内的多元化,构建一个多元化的城市。


See the Spectrum hopes to raise public awareness about LGBT community through design, to promote the concept of "inclusive city" and highlight the equality of development rights of different city themes. We encourage diversity in all aspects, including gender, race, ethnicity, age, sexual orientation, geography, viewpoints, ideas and experiences, to build a diversified pluralistic city.