项目名称 Project Name : OOTO UNION

客户 Client : OOTO UNION

创作年份 Year : 2018

作品尺寸 Size : 297mm×210mm

创意总监 Creative Director : 张宁 Zhang Ning




Project Background


当今时代错综复杂,竞争充满变数,想要赢得市场,想要战胜和撬动对手,必须联盟合作。形成一个组织,并形成撬动更大市场的杠杆。欧托联盟(OOTO UNION),主要以互联网新媒体营销为核心服务,致力打造企业营销联盟,并涉足新媒体营销传播,内容策划与制作推广,聚集更多中小企业资源共享,联手合作,优势互补,共同赢得市场。


OOTO UNION is a internet company's project, devoting to building a win-win alliance platform for businesses.In the context of today's pluralistic society, the integration of resources, promote the centralized presence of businesses, to form an industry alliance.Mutual cooperation and complementary resources is to found the Alliance platform' s background,and to form a lever which could move a larger maket,the aim is to win more market share. At the begining of establishing the project, it is to get a good project's name and visual image, The naming of the project and the logo design of the project are carried out at the same time, After trying a lot of names, it is ends up as OOTO UNION. The logo of letters and graphics are combined skillfully, which just expresses the core ideas of the concept, the form is vivid and interesting . The whole of visual design is very simple , compact and exquisite.




Problem Statement and Project Solution


欧托联盟为的命名和项目的标志设计是同步思考展开的,在尝试了很多名字之后,最后定为OOTO UNION。


OOTO UNION tried many names and logos and made the decisions.



创作过程 & 结果呈现

Creation Process & Result




This group of logo is a good integration of the project name and visual graphics, accurately expressing the core value proposition of Alto Alliance, with distinct form, vivid and interesting. The whole group of visual image design is also very simple, easy, rigorous, delicate.