项目名称 Project Name:SOLAR MEDIA

客户 Client:深圳市诚信诺科技有限公司 Shenzhen Power-Solution Ind Co., Ltd 

创作年份 Year:2019

作品尺寸 Size:6000*3375

创意总监 Creative Director:潘虎 Hu Pan

设计师 Designer:潘虎 Tiger Pan 何宇轩 Yuxuan He 肖琪媛 Qiyuan Xiao 王亚辉 Yahui Wang




Project Background




 Some say that package is the art of trash. Our key task is to give new functions to the package besides protecting the products and improve people life conditions.  In Africa, there are 33 countries under privileged, taking up to 70% of the total number globally. The population is over 400 million, and most of them are still leading a life without electricity or short of clean water. Xiangyang New Energy has been supplying for the light equipments using solar power in Africa. The reason of poverty is the bad sanitary condition. the silverware is exposed to the bacteria in the air which causes high death rate in Africa.



创作过程 & 结果呈现

Creative Process & Result




Inside the corrugated-paper box, there are a solar panel, a screen, 3 LED bulbs and other accessories. As a single box is with a common size as a drawer, people can turn the empty box into a drawer and the partition panels can be easily  sectioned and folded into coat hangers. Every 6 boxes will be packed and transported into a big one, which will be used as wardrobe or cupboard when emptied. Water-proof corrugated board is used to made the package, which endows Solar Media with better durability.  It will lasts long enough if people use it to store dishes and clothes. We , as designers, simply hope that people’s life can be changed towards better side with even a little extra effort.



如何理解项目与“人文湾区 ∙ 温暖的设计”这一主题的关联性?

How does the project reflect to the exhibition theme "Cultural Bay Area • Humanistic Design"




With great durability, this set of package lasts long enough for Africans to store dishes and clothes. We hope the package could help users to improve their life quality without spending extra money. To some extent, the package design satisfies basic needs and decency for people who are in the base of the pyramid, bringing warmth to more people in need.