Tabble - Smart Table Concept

项目名称 Project Name:Tabble - Smart Table Concept

客户 Client:n/a

创作年份 Year:2018

作品尺寸 Size:1920*1080

设计师 Designer:Luyao Zhang




Project Background




As I was imagining the future of smart devices, I came up with an idea to design an in- terface with the ability to interact with not just human input as well as inputs from an other object, like a tea cup. It is an all-in-one device which would support the needs for online shopping, entertainment, creative work, and social medias.




Problem Statement and Project Solution




Nowadays when people are at home, they would still need different devices for different needs. This concept UI lives in a table surface which hosts different apps, which allow users can perform any tasks. It would also response to other smart devices, like a tea cup that knows your favorite beverages. It also inherits interactions patterns from exist- ing touch interfaces such as smart phones and tablets.



创作过程 & 结果呈现

Creation Process & Result




To showcase this concept, I firstly wrapped a wood table with green vinyl. Later I removed the green part and used the premade UI animation to replace it.