项目名称 Project Name:Adoore

客户 Client:个人创作 Personal Project

创作年份 Year:2019

作品尺寸 Size:综合 Misc

艺术指导 Art Director:Phil Hamlett、 Wioleta Kaminska、Carolina De Bartolo、Ariel Grey

设计师 Designer:颜依婧 Yijing Yan

插图 Illustration:颜依婧 Yijing Yan

摄影 Photographer:颜依婧 Yijing Yan

文案 Copywriter:颜依婧 Yijing Yan




Project Background




In recent years, many popular local businesses have been at risk of displacement. Being aware of this problem, the city government established the Legacy Business Program to support these neighborhood institutions with historic designations and grants. However, the idea of supporting iconic local businesses needs to be further recognized by the public, especially by newcomers in the city. 




Problem Statement and Project Solution




My research shows that consumers actually love local businesses and are willing to support them, but these businesses need to let people know about their existence. I created a nonprofit organization dedicated to long-cherished local businesses. The organization aims to raise awareness about iconic businesses and their importance with a promotional campaign, website, community app, and neighborhood events.



创作过程 & 结果呈现

Creation Process & Result


该公益机构的名字是Adoore,这是英文 是英文“喜爱 (adore)”与“门 (door)”的结合。 我们希望人们更多地喜爱和支持本地老店,而更多地光顾他们正是最好的做法。标志结合了社区地图和小店店面的图形,以表达本项目的两个核心。我从旧金山标志性的淡彩色建筑外墙和上世纪的店铺招牌及餐厅菜单中获得灵感,创作了一套友善、复古的视觉语言。


the organization's name is Adoore. Adoore is the combination of adore and door. It communicates the idea that we need to adore iconic local businesses and the best way to support them is visiting them more often. Our icon combines a neighborhood map and the storefront of a small business, which is the essence of this project. I was inspired by the San Francisco’s pastel building paint and vintage vernacular, and created a friendly, retro visual style for this project.



如何理解项目与“人文湾区 ∙ 温暖的设计”这一主题的关联性?

How does the project reflect the exhibition theme "Cultural Bay Area • Humanistic Design"?




This project hopes to remind people to appreciate iconic local businesses in their communities, because they are a big contributor to the character of the city. These establishments are neighborhood icons, not only because they represent the history and culture of the communities, but also because they connect people and help to keep the neighborhoods vibrant and pleasant.