掌上名猪 2019

项目名称 Project Name:掌上名猪 2019 Golden Cherish Pig  Award 

创作年份 Year:2019

创意总监 Creative Director:关抒 Shu Guan

艺术指导 Art Director:关抒 Shu Guan

设计师 Designer:关抒 Shu Guan 翟赞辉 Ken Chak 张梦碧 Mengbi Zhang

插图 Illustration:关抒 Shu Guan 梁斯诺 Sino Liang 陈逸珊 Yishan Chen 苏平骧 Dorro Su

摄影 Photographer:翟赞辉 Ken Chak

文案 Copywriter:郑嘉祺 Jiaqi Zheng




Project Background






Gold Cherish Pig Award 2019 is a modern concept art event with the zodiac as the main clue, combining the competition with contemporary topics. Getting away from the framework and rules of routine business projects, it is committed to making interesting, nonsensical, meaningful and valuable creation. The participants, whether creators or curators, will experience the process of spiritual freedom.


This year is the Year of Pig. Everyone has a different understanding of pigs. In fact, for pigs and every one of us, all living creatures have equal life. This comprehensive anatomy of pigs will go beyond everyone's understanding of pigs. We can make it interesting and lovely, inspiring each of us that it is actually a better imagination instead of blockhead as a pig, but give a proof of equal life in our mind.




Problem Statement and Project Solution






Problem Statement

From the beginning, there was no complete planning and planning, no financial support, unstable participants and weak strength. The decision and execution of each step is very difficult.

Project Solution

Although it's not a commercial, nonprofit, unofficial activity, it's taken very seriously. Win the support and sponsorship of participants and people around with sincerity, purity and earnestness.



创作过程 & 结果呈现 Creation Process & Result


掌上名猪来自于中国成语:掌上明珠,多 用来比喻父母疼爱儿女,也可以表达对珍惜的人和事物的表达。“珠”与“猪”在中文读音一致。我们对于疼爱的人或物、甚至经历,都有不同的表达方式。为了从不同的方式和层面,对猪进行淋漓尽致的解剖,分别设定了两个风格不一样的组别:飞猪组与萌猪组。













Gold Cherish Pig comes from a Chinese idiom: A pearl in the palm, which is used to describe parents' love for their children, or express the feeling for people and things that they cherish. "Pearl" and "Pig" are identical in Chinese pronunciation. We have different ways of expressing the feeling for people or things, even experience. In order to make the comprehensive analysis on the pig from different ways and aspects, we set two groups with different styles: Flying pig group and Cute pig group.


The theme and the way of competition are all related to pigs, decomposition, storage and so on. It may look cruel and bloody, so the forthcoming style will be set to complement these keywords. It will create a mysterious, frightening, bloody murder scene, allowing the participants to become accomplices and have the unprecedented experience.


Judge Jury  The judge jury will strictly select the highly professional and influential male idol team in the industry which should have the character similar to the event: Fancy.

They will turn into the butchers from the male idol team quickly. Before they get to the crime scene, they will not know what will happen.

Review Scene  The review scene is decorated into a mysterious ultimate crime scene. Four professional judges are turned into butchers and provided with their butcher clothes designed based on their personalities. The review scene is confidential without audience. However, audience may peep the scene offsite. The butchers will be presented with a lot of very creative and interesting works. They may laugh constantly. They will discuss each piece of work in a professional manner, and it will be the climax upon the final judgment.

Awards Ceremony  The awards ceremony will continue the style of the review scene and continue to demonstrate the bloody style, including the layout of the site and the shape of refreshment. In fact, this is a warm event full of creativity. The contrast of the scene will make the audience happier and more excited.



如何理解项目与“人文湾区 ∙ 温暖的设计”这一主题的关联性?

How does the project reflect the exhibition theme "Cultural Bay Area • Humanistic Design"?










Shenzhen is a very dynamic and exciting city, and we are lucky to have chosen to stick to creative industries in this city. But some people over the years gradually forget the choice of design of the original heart, passion and enthusiasm are slowly retreat.


From the weak power at the beginning to the strength at the later stage, the final effect was much more wonderful than expected. The echoes were positive and the participants were delight and warm through the whole activity, which was inseparable from the pure original start of the activity.


It is a multi-dimensional outcome of graphic design incubation; It is a very pure point of departure, the cohesion of emotional resonance crowd of activities; It's a  special kind of gathering people exploration; It is an act that conveys the power of design.


Although the results show is very cruel and bloody, the content is warm and forms a great sense of contrast, which is also the charm of this activity.