项目名称 Project Name:BOSSBABE亲子餐厅  BOSSBABE Restaurant

客户 Client:Bossbabe BossBabe

创作年份 Year:2018

创意总监 Creative Director:朱德才 Eriz Zhu

艺术指导 Art Director:黄明家 MJ Wong

设计师 Designer:林锐鸿 Ruihong Lin

文案 Copywriter:林翠琪 Cuiqi Lin 黎其凤 Qifeng Li

空间设计 Space Design:张耿宾 Ben Zhang

客户经理 Account Executive:林于诗 Messi Lin 肖诗韵 Sherry Xiao




Project Background




Parent-child relationship is an eternal topic that we have been paying attention to, researching and discussing. As the scale of mother-child parent-child families continues to expand, and the needs of children tend to be diversified and individualized, the previous parent-child business format urgently needs to be transformed and updated.




Problem Statement and Project Solution


市面上亲子餐厅的产品体验基本以儿童为主,如何在众多的亲子餐厅中脱颖而出,成为孩子跟妈妈都喜欢去的放心场所?我们重新思考宝宝与宝妈的关系,认为共同玩乐与成长才是最适宜的亲子关系,由此提出品牌主张“Better Together同乐更好”,并从命名、设计概念、空间体验等建立一套完整的品牌价值体系。


The product experience of parent-child restaurants on the market is basically children-oriented. How can it stand out among the many parent-child restaurants and become a safe place that children and mothers like to go to? We rethink the relationship between the baby and the mother, and believe that playing together and growing up is the most suitable parent-child relationship. Therefore, we put forward the brand proposition "Better Together ", and established a set from naming, design concepts, and space experience. Complete brand value system.



创作过程 & 结果呈现

Creation Process & Result


品牌名源于我们对现代亲子关系的洞察:BOSS与BABE是宝宝和宝妈共同拥有的双重身份。 标志造型以正负形的手法巧妙融合一大一小两只企鹅的轮廓,寓意相互陪伴、共同成长。色彩选用粉红与粉蓝,整体视觉调性温馨柔和,且契合时下年轻宝妈追求的精致时尚风格。原创3个动物IP形象,促进品牌与消费者更加近距离地沟通,建立情感链接。在空间呈现上,突破传统亲子门店的较为低龄设计的局限,打造现代时尚的高颜值空间。围绕主力消费人群升级体验,让宝宝和宝妈共同享受全新的玩乐设施和社交场景。透过设计,重塑空间与人之间有效、紧密的体验链接,促进空间与人的关系活化,激活空间价值。


The brand name is derived from our insight into the modern parent-child relationship:BOSS and BABE are dual identities shared by kid and mom.The shape of the logo cleverly blends the silhouettes of a large penguin and a small penguin in a positive and negative way, implying mutual companionship and common growth.The colors are pink and pink blue, and the overall visual tone is warm and soft, and fits the exquisite fashion style pursued by young mothers today.Original 3 animal IP images to promote closer communication between brands and consumers and establish emotional links.In terms of space presentation, it breaks through the limitations of the relatively young design of traditional parent-child stores, and creates a modern and fashionable high-value space. Upgrade the experience around the main consumer groups, allowing babies and moms to enjoy new play facilities and social scenes. Through design, reshape the effective and close experience link between space and people, promote the activation of the relationship between space and people, and activate the value of space.



如何理解项目与“人文湾区 ∙ 温暖的设计”这一主题的关联性?

How does the project reflect the exhibition theme "Cultural Bay Area • Humanistic Design"?




The parent-child relationship is one of the important cores in the humanistic proposition. Through the BOSSBABE project, we have conveyed our multi-dimensional experiential thinking about social relations and individual growth, so that children and mothers learn to respect and love, and to get along with each other equally, to see the big from the small, and to create warmth for the Bay Area cultural imagination.