项目名称 Project Name :方糖 F-TOWN


创作年份 Year :2020

作品尺寸 Size :A4

创意总监 Creative Director :孔木习 Kong Muxi

艺术指导 Art Director :孔木习 Kong Muxi

设计师 Designer :何芝邦 He Zhibang

文案 Copywriter :周章辉 Zhou Zhanghui




Project Background


全国综合体及购物中心经历十几年的爆发式增长后,一线城市的商业地产进入存量时代,竞争加剧、运营压力初显,商业巨头的影响力往往远超过城市其它同行,越有影响力的商业必然赢得更多市场,使得非头部商业的运营门槛不断提高。F-TOWN作为天安集团首个开放式商业街区,虽然不到3万平米的体量,但是承载着企业开拓商业地产新业务板块的愿景和信心,开发业主以高水准投入,实现了在空间设计与建筑品质上的区域突围, 同时也需要在项目开业以及运营上取得更高的成绩。


After more than ten years of explosive growth in national complexes and shopping malls, commercial real estate in first-tier cities has entered an era of stock. Competition has intensified and operating pressures are beginning to appear. The influence of commercial giants often far exceeds that of other counterparts in the city. The more influential. Business will inevitably win more markets, making the operating threshold of non-head businesses continue to increase. As the first open commercial block of Tianan Group, F-TOWN has a volume of less than 30,000 square meters, but it carries the vision and confidence of the company to develop new business segments of commercial real estate. The development owners have invested in high standards to achieve spatial design. To break through with the area in terms of architectural quality, it also needs to achieve higher results in project opening and operation.




Problem Statement and Project Solution












解决方式:在例外看来,“IP+场景体验”就是未来商业地产的发展方向。F-TOWN将SF的IP形象贯穿街区每个角落 ,在顾客最“喜闻乐见”的开放式场景,赋予街区更多互动的可能。


Project problem: ①In Shenzhen, where business giants gather, the project's attention and influence as a non-head business is facing difficulties.


Solution: Introduce the Korean super IP-SF that matches the project positioning and suits the project temperament. With the IP's own design aesthetics and character worldview, through the highly scene integration of the project, it achieves a strong on-site appeal and communication power. In the commercial competition, a unique recognition degree and a significant diversion effect have been achieved.


Project Problem: ②How to avoid the short-lived shortcomings of IP so that IP can perfectly fit with business and bring long-term value?


Solution: First use the public space to hold a theme IP exhibition to obtain the volume, and then build a high-standard IP beauty scene on the project site as a highlight of the check-in, forming a long-term traffic entrance.


Project Problem: ③In the era of the supremacy of experience, how to harvest the new generation of high-consumption people? Solution: In the exception, "IP + scene experience" is the future development direction of commercial real estate. F-TOWN penetrates the SF's IP image through every corner of the block, giving the block more interactive possibilities in the open scene where customers are most "loved to see".



创作过程 & 结果呈现

Creative Process & Result




From the introduction of IP to the landing of Meichen, the exception was deeply involved and guided the whole process. The exploration of aesthetics and the use of 3D rendering on Meichen make the IP perfect.



如何理解项目与“人文湾区 ∙ 温暖的设计”这一主题的关联性?

How does the project reflect to the exhibition theme "Cultural Bay Area • Humanistic Design"




We have joined hands with international super IP empowerment through creative and cross-border methods.Use IP characters as the carrier to establish emotional communication, stimulate the natural attraction of IP characters through happy and joyful emotional expression, and rely on the project story to leave a deep impression on the customer group.