项目名称 Project:BJOY

客户 Client:BJOY

创作年份 Year:2020

创意总监 Creative Director:刘成科 Chengke Liu




Project Background


BJOY是Build joy “创造快乐”的简写,传递愉悦而自信的生活主张,并且将这一理念融入到logo设计中,通过对年轻人文化圈层的理解,年轻就应该要大写,力图打造一个代表愉悦的沟通符号。


BJOY is the abbreviation of Build Joy, which conveys a cheerful and confident life idea, and integrates this idea into logo design. Through the understanding of young people's cultural circle, young people should be capitalized, trying to create a communication symbol representing the trend and joy.




Problem Statement and Project Solution




In the video, I take "life synesthesia" as the theme, trying to express that I can find a new perspective from ordinary life and explore a brand new way of life. Relative to the flow of trend tidal flat design, three-dimensional visual this attempt, from conception, creative, modeling, dynamic, rendering, tried various ⽅ case, and finally formed the dynamic images, the work is mainly done by C4D + OC + AE.




How does the project reflect the exhibition theme "Cultural Bay Area • Humanistic Design"?




The origin of the project, from the observation of the modern way of life, after the millennium world gradually become the position of the young people, the world's young population has more than half. According to the American psychologist Abraham maslow's hierarchy of needs, hope that through this project practice happy and meaningful life values.