项目名称 Project Name:复刻香港叮叮老伯英文镂空字 Stencil Making

客户 Client:设计从业员、艺术类学生及艺术爱好者 Designer, Art Student, Art enthusiast.

创意总监 Creative Director:梁佳 Kai Leung

艺术指导 Art Director:梁佳 Kai Leung

设计师 Designer:梁佳 Kai Leung




Project Background




Stencil font can be seen everywhere on the streets of Hong Kong. Warnings on the wall, Stay Ferry’s warm prompts, reminders of site sign and container truck fonts.A business case opportunity to observe and record “A Handwriting Artisan”(Professional Calligraphic Artisan) Master WU TING KEUNG (Ting-Ting old men. While making stencil makes loud sound ” Ting…Ting ” from the collision of the metals. ) who has been setting up a street stall for decades.First use a simple drawing tool (compass,ruler,pencil) to draw the Latin letters. Stroke from the square to the arc and finally draw the Latin letter, and then make a stencil font.Because this imperfect but unique Latin letters style is too attractive to me. The characteristics of this stencil font have a considerable sense of history and handmade texture. So based on the understanding of the Ting-Ting’s stencil font style. I used the design software to re-engrave this set of Stencil uppercase fonts to share with interested friends to experience the fun of diversified city typography.




Problem Statement and Project Solution




首先通过分析对比26个英文大写字母,根据制作难易程度初步划分,接着再按每个字母组成部件中: 圆弧形状、斜线造型、直横线造型进一步区分,选出极值参考,计算笔画粗细度和断笔留白位数值等,开始草图到电子化梳理每个字母制作步骤图,最后再计算手工制作字母时间和执行的难易程度。


Made a re-enacted version of Ting-Ting’s stencil font style. Easy to recognize, concise and well-made,synchronized electronic documentation for instant output and use. Also can be used as a reference type to open a workshop to teach students present to understand the principle and logic within a limited time. Being able to make your own hand-made Stencil font smoothly. That is an experimental project that is more difficult than imagined.


First, through analysis and comparison of 26 Latin Capital Letters, then it’s preliminarily divided according to the difficulty of production. Then according to the components of each letter(arc shape, clique line shape, straight and horizontal line shape)to further distinguish,select the extreme value reference. calculate the thickness of the stroke and leave the bridge within a long stroke.From the beginning of the sketch to the design software combing the diagram of each latin letter making step, and finally calculating the time and difficulty of hand-making stencil font.



创作过程 & 结果呈现

Creative Process & Result




The creation of Ting-Ting’s stencil font style needs to be reorganized Master WU’s logic and thinking when making stencil.How to use geometrical principles to make simplified Latin letters, how to formulate standards and procedures to make manual hand-made easier.



如何理解项目与“人文湾区 ∙ 温暖的设计”这一主题的关联性?

How does the project reflect to the exhibition theme "Cultural Bay Area • Humanistic Design"




Under the trend of rapid development of Bay Area, by observing the subtleties of Urban landscape from the perspective of typography.Exploring the new Bay Area cities, how make it easier for urbanites to understand the charm of a city is not just consumerism. Call on ourselves to try to put down the electronic products more, regain the passion for hand-made, and discover the beauty around us, the fun and meaning of handwriting.