项目名称 Project Name: 万科客家文化客厅客厅 / Vanke · Hakka Culture Exhibition Plaza

参展机构 Company : 杰地景观 / GND Landscape

项目类别 Category :城市更新 / Urban Renewal

客户 Client :深圳万科 / Vanke Shenzhen

创作年份Completion Year :2019

主持设计Chief Designer :丘戈、钟永成、李冰 / Qiu Ge, Zhong Yongcheng, Li Bing

方案设计 Concept Design :罗峰、周江、袁冬阳、孙地旺、潘晓 / Luo Feng, Zhou Jiang, Yuan Dongyang, Sun Diwang, Pan Xiao

施工图设计 Construction Drawing Design :谢宇玄 、农黄富、张祖熙、普邦园林 / Xie Yuxuan, Nong Huangfu, Zhang Zuxi, PB Landscape

植物设计 Plant Design :曾凤玲、周萌 / Zeng Fengling, Zhou Meng

水电设计 Mechanical &Electrical Design:周鹏 、普邦园林 / Zhou Peng, PB Landscape

业主团队 Developer Team:车迪、谷敬博、李庆秋 / Che Di,Gu jingbo,Li Qingqiu

摄影 Photographer : 罗峰 / Luo Feng

文案 Copywriter : 丘戈, 杨欢 / Qiu Ge, Yang Huan




Project Background



Multilateral Construction


方案启动之时,我们与项目建设方一起走访了原老西村村民,村长的一句话让我颇为感动,他说:“为了大家都过上更好的日子,我们积极的响应了城市发展建设。虽然大家这些年生活发生了翻天覆地的变化,但是我们的乡愁却无法安放了;借着这次宗祠翻修,希望你们能多保留一些我们老西村的历史和文化,算是给我们这代人一点心灵寄托;同时也希望能多留一些历史场景给现在的孩子们,让他们知道以前祖辈生活的地方到底是个什么样子的。”设计师说 。


When the plan was launched, we visited the villagers of the former West Village together with the project builder, and I was deeply moved by the words from the village chief. He said, "In order to make a better life for everyone, we have actively responded to urban development and construction. Although our lives have changed dramatically over the years, our homesickness could not be settled. With this ancestral temple renovation, I hope you can retain some of the history and culture of our old West Village to give our generation a little spiritual sustenance; I also hope we can leave some historical scenes to our children to let them know what this place where their ancestors lived in the past really looks like. "The designer said.




It is exactly with these considerations that we have in-depth communication with local villagers many times at the beginning of the concept design, listening to their demands, and understanding the Hakka culture and village history while collecting related information of the village buildings at the same time. Combining the current architectural layout of the memorial temples and the existing site Characteristics of the public space, we finally completed this Hakka cultural symbol as an urban living room with the characteristics of "Old West Village".




Problem Statement and Project Solution


设计策略Design Strategy


Integrate the divisions of Hakka Temple and Commercial Plaza to resolve the conflict between tradition and modernity.



Use the city plaza as an outdoor carrier for Hakka culture.



While improving the environment, it also serves as a city square for public recreation and relaxation.




Creation Process & Result


传承 · 开放 · 多元

Inheritance · Openness · Diversity




In the landscape design of this project, GND has merged the new and old with the Lingnan culture and architecture as the entry point. Elements such as rural villages, farmlands, gardens, and folk culture are injected into the design details. Our designers are committed to protect these endangered and enduringly forgotten Lingnan cultural heritage and expect that they will still take on a new look after going through the ravages of time to allow more people to appreciate the charm of traditional culture, and experience the authentic Lingnan style.




How does the project reflect the exhibition theme "Cultural Bay Area • Humanistic Design"?




Sometimes, the civilization of a city, the comfort of a region, is precisely because of the warm and well-intentioned design, people have a sense of belonging and happiness. In the process of landscape transformation in Vanke Hakka Culture Exhibition Plaza, the balanced relationship between traditional civilization and contemporary structure was explored. A diverse and open public space is built to better integrate into modern life, rejuvenating the place and driving the surrounding commercial development which also provides people with new recreational venues. It is highly consistent with the theme of the exhibition" Culture Bay Area Humanistic Design".