图猫 x 宅几影像咖啡馆

项目名称 Project : 图猫 x 宅几影像咖啡馆 / Toft Cafe Pub

参展机构 Company :营加设计(深圳)有限公司 / INPLUS Design (Shenzhen) Ltd.,

项目类别 Category : 室内 / Interior

客户 Client : 图猫咖啡厅 / Toft Cafe Pub

创作年份 Years : 2019

设计师 Designer : 宋扬、林国滨、窦建超、贺斐斐 / Nigel SONG、Benjamin LIN、 Adam DOU、HE Feifei

摄影 Photographer : 图猫影相 & 窦建超、雷雅玲 / Toft Photos & Adam DOU、Lei Yaling

文案 Copywriter : 窦建超 / Adam DOU   






Project Background


项目坐落在福田上梅林社区中, 一边是热闹的街道,一边是富有年代感的居民楼。随着街道上的升级整改,也让业主萌生了将店铺改造的想法。旨在提供给大家更多的空间和时间坐下来一起闲谈,一起感受生活的理想场所。


The project is located in Shangmeilin Community, Futian, with a lively street on one side and residential buildings with a sense of time on the other. With the upgrading and rectification of the streets, the owners have the idea of renovating the shops. It aims to provide everyone with more space and time to sit down and chat together, and feel the ideal place for life together.






Problem Statement and Project Solution




In the original interior space, the shop is too independent from the street, and only one window is kept facing the street, which makes the lighting in the shop poor and the circulation is poor. Because the interior is relatively closed and there are fewer windows, the display of the shop on the street is relatively weak. In a small space, different height differences are set, and a mezzanine is added at the center position, which will have a strong sense of oppression. This project hopes to activate the vitality of the entire community by reshaping the interior space and create an artistic image coffee shop to provide people with a place to relax and socialize.



(Store facade before renovation)




Through the transformation of the wall, more display areas will be opened and the store's visibility will be improved. Foldable windows are installed, which can be connected in series with the street, introducing more natural light and enhancing the interaction between the interior and the street. Reduce the height difference on the ground and leave a more complete space for regular theme photography exchange meetings. The space on the second floor is integrated from the original two parts, which makes the space more comfortable and maintains a certain degree of privacy.






Creative Process & Result


创作过程Creative Process:



Repeatedly explore the site, understand the needs of the owners, but also give certain reservations and enlargements to the preferences of the customers. We found that there are many customers who like to rest by the window facing the street, so in the design process, we decided to use foldable windows, which can combine indoor and outdoor spaces to create, and use the window sill as a place for drinks The platform enhances interactivity and visibility. Through interesting decorations and digital screens, create a warm and relaxing environment.





(Renovated store facade)






After the renovation, the coffee shop became a brighter display spot in the street, and it was also defined as an artistic business card in the block. More residents like to chat and relax here. At the same time, the open and circulating space turns the store into a stage, which can be radiated by its enthusiasm, whether indoors or in the block, which stimulates the vitality of the block space and has a positive impact on people's lifestyle.






(Hold a phophotography exchange exhibition)






How does the project reflect to the exhibition theme "Cultural Bay Area • Humanistic Design"




The overall design of the project has a warm tone and a strong humanistic atmosphere. The design of the horizontal bar on the street side blurs the boundaries between the inside and outside of the space, and provides a platform for people to communicate with each other. Whether sitting indoors or by the window, you can interact with the surrounding environment while sipping coffee. At the same time, the interior adopts a low-limit and high-flexibility spatial layout, which reflects the high tolerance of the space, provides a good art and social interaction place for community residents and visitors, and brings new vitality to the neighborhood. Become an artistic business card in the block, and use the shop as a point to radiate to the entire block.