项目名称 Project Name:和光之居-2019《梦想改造家》/ Come into the light

参展机构 Company :汤物臣·肯文创意集团 / INSPIRATION GROUP

客户 Client : 古悅、秦宇 / Yue Gu 、 Yu Qin

创作年份 Year : 2019

设计师 Designer : 谢英凯、田芳 / Thomas Tse、Titian Tin

摄影 Photographer : 黃早慧、范文耀、毛迪生 / Zaohui Huang、Wenyao Fan、Dison Mao

文案 Copywriter : 梁颖欣 / Kenny Liang




Project Background


This is a three-floors house location in Guangzhou Liwan old town, built around the 1930s. After participated in Dream Home Transformer for three years, this year, designer Thomas Tse and the team, were commissioned by a post-85s generation newly married couple who bought this old house that want to transform as their wedding house. The old house has been defined as an dan-gerous building officially. Termite decay, easy to be flood, dim inside and have to share win-dows and wall both three sides with the neighbors. How to handle all those problems and inte-grate more young elements for this start-up family are the important things for the design team.







Creation Process & Result 



Gardening Facade


Relative lack of green space in the old town, design team need to make the connection between residence and nature. Planting green plats on each terrace and interior, form a stereoscopic garden mixture of internal and external. Help to regulate urban microclimate and full of green for the neighborhood.












A lot of rain and always moist weather in Guangzhou, it was easy to flooding due to the original structure while wet season. Desinger Thomas and the team decided to raise the whole building platform up to 800mm.

In order to keep the wide vision for the resident also make better use of the platform space, the first floor which subsidence forming a reception hall and a sink-style teahouse.








Lighting Up


Because of the smaller scale of original building, and the client needs more function in the house, the second step of the design team was divided the whole building into two sides, retreat the south indoor block, make a patio in the middle and built more space for client’s use requirements. Meanwhile can improve the indoor ventilation and bring natural light into each room and space when the sunlight pour down in the middle of the building and create a sense of vertical dynamic.












楼梯由一楼串联各层,形成空间体块,室内动线更加活跃,一方面让空间与空间之间的互动更明显, 另一方面令人与人,人与“家”更亲密。

With the patio as the core, the two sides of the house are designed into split-level structure, filled with sunlight and fresh air into each space. The space of each floor is more transparent and more extend visual sense because of this structure.

The staircase is connected with each floor, so the inside space more activity, on the other hand, that sense of space bring people more closer to each and the home.












The split-level structure make some gaps, through those gaps, family members who live in this house form a new way of company with each other, as build more visual and auditory communication, at the same time, let the family create more interesting experirnce.










Relaxing Moment


Step up on master bedroom, there is a private e-sport game room in order to satisfy two resident’s common entertainment, they can enjoy their online game time whenever they want.






How does the project reflect to the exhibition theme "Cultural Bay Area • Humanistic Design"


Interior designer Thomas Tse and the team, after join the Dream Home Transformer at 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2019, from first to last, want to create more gathering space for the house which call “home”, and thinking how space can change the type of people get along with each other, even though family relationship. It’s important to balance the relationship with human, architec-ture and surrounding environment, we let the resident have a sustained sense of well-being, and want to live here for a long time.