项目名称 Project Name: 悦·宅/YUE

参展机构 Company  :  迪笙设计(深圳)有限公司/Dickson Design SZ Co. ltd.

创作年份 Year : 2019

设计师 Designer : 谢迪生/Dickson Xie




Project Background






With the rapid operation of the economy, the problem of real estate and property ownership in The Great Bay area has become a major pressure for the younger generation. There is a well-known saying in Shenzhen, "When you come to Shenzhen, you belong to Shenzhen." Presumably the young generation working hard and struggling in Shenzhen,they dream about to have a piece of their own world here, it does not necessarily to be a big area or luxurious decoration, but it should meet all the needs of life, for work to provide a place for physical and mental rest.


The owner of this case is back from overseas, and hopes that the designer can create a simple and quiet living environment which away from the hustle and bustle of the city. In addition to satisfying the functional requirements of basic life, it can also ensure a certain sense of ritual of life, hoping to have both poetry and distance.




Problem Statement and Project Solution



1、功能上:在有限的空间里业主希望同时具备大衣柜,梳妆台 以及可以放三个大行李箱的柜子,放50双鞋子的鞋柜。





The design in the only 40 square space to meet the storage function, life, quality sense of multiple needs.

1. Function: In the limited space, the owner hopes to have a large wardrobe, a dressing table, a cabinet that can hold three large suitcases and a shoe cabinet that can hold 50 pairs of shoes.

2. Material selection: Baking paint and environmentally-friendly texture paint are mainly used to create a plain and warm space atmosphere with the natural texture of Roman cave stone combined with the original wood floor, while helping the owner to ensure cost saving.

3. Finally, in order to meet the basic needs of life, the owner's demand for quality of life is also realized, including independent bathtub, piano placement space, independent dining table and a tatami that can be in a daze.

A house doesn't need to be big, it needs to be warm.




Creation Process & Result


创作过程遇到许多问题 比如说浴缸的摆放等等

There are many problems in the process of creation such as the arrangement of bathtub and so on




How does the project reflect the exhibition theme "Cultural Bay Area • Humanistic Design"?




The trend of the industry determines that most of the designs are innovative in simplicity and modernity. As the design of private houses and villas, we believe that the main body of living space should not take formalism as the leading role, but should design around "people" themselves. As a result of all kinds of pressures in contemporary life, the young generation seldom have spare time to feel life. Therefore, we place more emphasis on the presentation of the sense of life, we hope to create a relaxed and comfortable living environment for customers. Bring spiritual comfort to them in their busy time. Therefore in the process of design of the case, the rigid demand to remove the client itself, we are on the size and material of the control to the user's perspective, for its "home" to create a custom, hope that through design guide for our customers create a warm living environment, the design is supposed to be simple, the design should be the basis of better service humanistic care.