项目名称 Project Name:清水湾演艺中心 / Performing Center of Qingshui Bay

参展机构 Company :悉地国际设计顾问(深圳)有限公司东西影工作室 / CCDI DXY-STUDIO

项目类别 Category :建筑 / Architecture

客户 Client :雅居乐地产置业有限公司 / AGILE PROPERTY LAND CO.,LTD

创作年份 Year :2013~2018

设计师 Designer :朱雄毅、王照明、颜世宁、李昕、倪明 / Zhu Xiongyi、Wang Zhaoming、Yan Shining、Li Xin、Ni Ming

摄影 Photographer :方健 / Fang Jian











Project Background





The project is located in Sanye, Hainanland。The owner requested a Class B theater whinh capable of accommodating 950 people. The theater should design a restaurant of about 600 square meters that can provide rest and dining for the audience, and it also needs to consider external operations and education and training functions.

The northwest side of the base is adjacent to the municipal road, the southwest side is the residential area, and the other directions are the coastal road and the bay. The plot slopes from northwest to southeast about 4 meters in height. The site presents the dual attributes of the urban interface on the northwest side and the natural interface on the southeast side.








Problem Statement and Project Solution





The project faces a special situation where opportunities and challenges coexist. The site has very good landscape resources, with the east and south sides facing the sea. At the same time, the land use function in the surrounding area is basically residential, and the entire area lacks public venues. Also, there is a height difference in the site, and the sea-side factors also put forward different general project requirements for underground excavation. At the same time, how to deal with the typical tropical climate in Sanya is also an important consideration.

The design respects the site, and provides a potential site for the community by setting up large platforms connecting the upper and lower floors on the superior landscape facing the sea.At the same time, consider the environment, climatic factors, and how to introduce the existing and unpresented characteristics of the site.The continuous ramp on the southeast side is an element that organizes the indoor and outdoor spaces of the building. It maximizes the continuity of the building and enriches the commercial and leisure life of the supporting area in the coastal area. Regardless of day and night, the acting center drives the vitality of the entire area. The ramp constitutes the stitching and intervention of the site, creating a shadow of the site. Shadow obscuration constitutes a different degree of darkness in each scene of the site, and each ramp points to a different scenery around it-sea, boat, sky, crowd, all fragments are collected into one place, incorporated into the walk of the building, walking scene Different, the various elements in the surrounding interaction maintain their independent characteristics, distinguish the distance between the space, and at the same time constitute the overall venue atmosphere.








Creative Process & Result





The construction is based on the site, which is a response to the environment, and reveals the existing and unpresented features of the site as much as possible. A good building is the continuation of the site. The clear terrain and complex height difference have become the source of supply in the form of construction. The project respects the site and uses the existing terrain as much as possible by digging, restoring and covering the land; By setting up an outdoor platform, a gray space shaded by shadows inside and outside is formed, which limits the scenes of different use cases, integrates into the site and inspires new landscapes.

After the project was put into use, we came back to the site and found that the actual use situation is also very gratifying. Many people from the surrounding houses come here at night, rest on the large platform, and walk along the coast along the building. The lively scene at the scene contrasted sharply with the coldness before the start of construction. The building is rooted in the ground and under the sky. Through precise control of terrain processing and interface, a place is defined, the energy of the place is stimulated, and the significance of construction is realized.








How does the project reflect to the exhibition theme "Cultural Bay Area • Humanistic Design"





Sanya is a young city. The region has been affected by economic growth. In recent years, a large number of residential communities have appeared, but at the same time, the surrounding cultural facilities are obviously insufficient, and the only commercial facilities lack cohesion. The completion of the project solved the long-standing lack of public event facilities in the surrounding communities, and provided the community with a favorite venue.

The main local population is the floating population. More people come here just to find a place with a mild climate for vacation in the cold winter. This industry drove the local economy but also caused a huge gap in the number of people in different seasons. The mutual achievements of the theater and the community. The diversified drama arrangements have greatly enriched the cultural life of the residents. The better community function makes people more willing to come here than just to avoid the cold, and provides a good way for the local government to explore regional development. Case. The fully open "big board" system fully responds to the climatic characteristics of Hainan's rainy exposure and becomes an all-weather public open space venue.