项目名称 Project Name:燃锅 / RAN GUO

参展机构 Company : odd设计事务所 / Okamoto Deguchi Design

创作年份 Year :2019




Project Background






Freezing winter constantly reminds people how thrilling it is when spring comes with dancing petals in the sky. In Japan, hanami is an annual event for reunion, where people sit down and enjoy delicious food with their family and friend under the blooming cherry tree. Sited at the heart of Chaoyang district Beijing, this fine dining restaurant of Japanese hotpot was designed based on this idea and hope for offering a hanami-like ambience.


Different with the seriousness or solemnity in most of the fine dining places, Ran Guo aimed to be relatively casual and relaxing, which caused by the popularization of hanami. Countless wood carvings on façade of the private room visualized the shape of wind. Embedded inside façade, the lighting system illuminated the shape of cherry petal, depicting a scenery of floating petals.




Problem Statement and Project Solution






One of the problems of the RANGUO is that we need high ceiling height, and the contradiction is air conditioning equipment. Generally speaking, the packing of air conditioning equipment is very thick, so it can't be put in the hall. Our solution is to put all the air conditioning in the door frame box and cancel the installation of air conditioning pipes in the lobby.


The second problem is that there are many boxes in RANGUO which are exquisite carved patterns on the door lattice. These patterns are quite difficult to make, especially their size and accuracy. What we are doing in this respect is to be more careful and considerate. RANGUO cannot be finished without everyone’s hard working.




Creation Process & Result




First of all, in the design, the number of customers I think will have requirements for a variety of single rooms. In the space with ceiling height, especially here, the top height is eight meters. If the wall of the single room area is also regarded as the general wall, the ceiling of the single room area will become very high. As a high-rise wall, the single room is not comfortable. In order to create a small space for the comfort of the dining room, I want to create a small space for the overall impression.




How does the project reflect the exhibition theme ‘Cultural Bay Area • Humanistic Design’?




Our project is to create a warm dining space, the design is to people-oriented. So it's still very consistent with this theme. Starting from people, making good design is also our company's original intention. And as mentioned before, this is a high-end Japanese hot pot restaurant. Unlike the previous solemn atmosphere, we have designed a more relaxed and elegant environment for the guests.