项目名称 Project Name:IDOM Vehicle Assessment Drive-Thru / IDOM免接触二手车零售系统

参展机构 Company : STUDIO MOVE

客户 Client :Gulliver, IDOM公司旗下

创作年份 Year :2020

设计师 Designer :Team STUDIO MOVE

摄影 Photographer :Atsushi Shiotani




Project Background




The project location is along the national highway in Takamatsu, Kagawa Prefecture. Our client for the project is IDOM inc., a company under ‘Gulliver’ that operates used vehicle nationwide. With the request of efficiency, and a contactless service to support the Epidemic Control. The goal is to develop a new drive-way system using technology, art, and architecture.




Problem Statement and Project Solution




We want to break the traditional customer service style, where everything happens in an enclosed environment. While considering the driver’s view and car speed; the design must be highly visible and easy to access. Like a ‘Neighborhood Park’; a friendly, relaxing corner to both the client and the public. 




Creation Process & Result






Every IDOM store has a large parking lot, so we thought it would be interesting to use part of the existing parking space. To createa vehicle assessment corner that can connect business with the neighborhood more naturally and applicable in other cities. 


The ‘Neighborhood Park’ idea is designed with semi-transparent metal mesh; concave and convex squares to present the urban landscape. Bold signs and colors are applied to catch views from the drivers while engaging with the neighborhood.  




How does the project reflect the exhibition theme ‘Cultural Bay Area • Humanistic Design’?


这次的项目也是因疫情后,跟着时态变化,消费需求产生的设计。 设计的本质也是从人文出发,从设计出发给大众提供更温馨便利的使用空间。 把商业与公园的形式融为一体,设计可融入在任何城市里,帮助商业与大众度过新冠的非常时期。


Vehicle assessment project is designed to help the client and the customers to transition through the pandemic.  Our design both considered the pandemic and humanity;  To create a vehicle assessment corner that can connect business with the neighborhood more naturally and applicable in other cities.