家 · 温暖

项目名称 Project Name: 家 · 温 暖  /Home, Sweet Home

参展机构 Company:深圳市尚流艺品设计工作室 / Shenzhen Fashion Classic Design Studio

客户 Clien : 刘艺 / Yi Liu

创作年份 Year : 2019

摄影 Photographer : 肖恩 / En Xiao

文案 Copywriter : 刘艺 / Yi Liu




Project Background


About twenty years ago, I noticed Frida, a biography of Frida Kahlo, at a book store in Beijing. After finishing the book in one night, I was then determined to visit her Blue House in Mexico one day. During my spring vacation the year before last, I finally got the chance to visit Frida’s Blue House, spending a day wandering around spaces she lived in, imagining what her life was like in those days.
After returning to China, I refurnished my house, bringing the blue element, which was deeply engraved on my memories, in Frida’s world to this new space with love and respect to my icon.


Problem Statement and Project Solution


We will design a space which uses the color blue as the main element. Since the artwork and decorations in the house mostly have high saturated colors, we try to create a harmonious space with a balanced color scheme among background spaces, furnitures, and interior decorations. Our solution is to use warm grey for background, blue as the key tone, and small amounts of red as decoration.We then select several porcelains from eight different countries, a sofa with unique pattern and a painting specially designed for this place.All these decorations have a traditional blue and white color theme, which resonates with the three blue walls in the space. Then, we add red into the space for small embellishments, thus creating a clean and harmonious color scheme for the space.



Creation Process & Result



During the designing process, we focus on creating a house which incorporates artistic elements and my aesthetic values into the space. As I wake up in this house, every corner I walk pass by shall remind me of the precious memory I have here. A warm space has its own story to tell for people who live in it by creating a sense of belonging and happiness.
Most of the exhibitions in the house are collections I bought with my family during our trips around the world. The collection includes an antique kerosene lamp, furnitures, porcelains, artworks of Salvador Dalí, Marc Chagall, and several other artists, and model cars collected by my son ever since he was a kid. Each piece of the collection has a story behind it, reminding us the cherished memory we held together.Now, known as the “art museum” among the old houses in OCT-Loft among my friends, my house always has guests, who are eager to hear stories behind these exhibitions, to come over.


How does the project reflect the exhibition theme "Cultural Bay Area • Humanistic Design"?

Family, a vital cell of society, contributes to social harmony by establishing a harmonious relationship among family members. A harmonious society is based on the well-beings of millions of individual families. Moreover, a family in great harmony provides a solid support for one's career and society’s development in general.