项目名称 Project Name: 永庆坊(分部)岭南传统茶文化体验场所 / Yongqing Square

参展机构 Company:广州道胜设计有限公司 / DAOSHENG DESIGN

客户 Client : 广州市归觅文化传播有限公司 / Guangzhou City To Find Cultural Transmission Limited

创作年份 Year : 2017

设计师 Designer : 何永明 / Tony He

摄影 Photographer : 彭宇宪 / Peng Yuxian

文案 Copywriter : 杨精精 / Joyce Yang




Project Background


曾经的恩宁路,拥有着热气腾腾的烟火气息。多商贾往来于此,路上行人熙熙攘攘。一砖一木都精雕细琢的西关大屋,优雅地伫立在两侧,容纳着富足的生活。时光的洪流推动历史的演绎变化,恩宁路的繁华却在变化中悄然褪色。布满青苔的墙壁,油漆斑驳的大门,是被岁月痕迹抚摸过的西关大屋。坑坑洼洼的路面上,只有三三两两的行人踏过。不时传来的木质腐朽气味,告知这条老街已不再年轻。2016年,万科秉持着“修旧如旧,建新如故”的原则,改造修缮位于恩宁路的永庆片区。原是广州危旧房最集中的区域摇身一变,成为创客小镇“永庆坊”。平整的麻石取代坑坑洼洼的路面, 巷子里的红砖青瓦以“旧貌换新颜”,却依然带有浓烈的西关韵味。岭南骑楼依然瞩目,与不断涌现的咖啡馆、茶室、手工艺术品店、餐厅、服装店、民宿等和谐共处。永庆坊-拾光里,就位于这条充满故事的老街一隅。当你踏进这间茶室,你就会进入到一个世界,一个宛如竹林的世界。设计师希翼创造一个自然的环境,让来这间茶室休憩的客人感受到大隐隐于市的宁静。


Once Enning Road, with a steaming atmosphere of fireworks. Many merchants come and go here, and pedestrians are bustling on the road. The Xiguan house, which is decorated with exquisite bricks and wood, stands on both sides gracefully, containing a rich life. The torrent of time promotes the deductive change of history, but the prosperity of Enning road is fading quietly in the change. The walls covered with moss and the door with mottled paint are the big houses of Xiguan that have been touched by the traces of time. On the potholed Road, only three or two pedestrians stepped across. The smell of rotten wood from time to time informed the old street that it was no longer young. In 2016, Vanke adhered to the principle of "repairing the old as the old and building the new as the old", renovated and renovated the Yongqing area located in Enning road. It used to be the most concentrated area of dilapidated houses in Guangzhou, which has transformed into a maker town called "yongqingfang". The smooth marble replaces the potholes in the road, and the red bricks and green tiles in the alley "change the old appearance for a new look", but still have a strong Xiguan charm. Lingnan arcade is still in the spotlight and coexists harmoniously with the emerging cafes, teahouses, handicraft shops, restaurants, clothing stores. Yongqingfang - shiguangli is located in the corner of this old street full of stories. When you step into this teahouse, you will enter a world, a world like a bamboo forest. Designers hope to create a natural environment, so that visitors to this tea room can feel the tranquility hidden in the city.




Problem Statement and Project Solution




The original space of the tea room is relatively small and can not accommodate the number of seats required. Therefore, we make full use of the characteristics of high floor space to create a small wooden house in the space to form an interesting space form, and at the same time, it can also meet the needs of the number of seats.There is a narrow gap between the teahouse and other buildings, forming a long and narrow space. The designer creates waterscape and bamboo forest in the narrow gap, forming a unique indoor landscape.




Creation Process & Result




Designers in a narrow space to create a different space experience, different tea partition, with a different experience, a person is tea and tea dialogue, two people drink tea, is the exchange of people, There is a card position, the height of the hut, tatami, and further meet the people's privacy requirements. And clever use of buildings between the narrow, creating water view bamboo. With environmental protection, natural, low-carbon material purpose to build space, which extensive use of bamboo elements of the original building cement wall, so that the combination of nature and industry to release a balance and modern elements, to create a quiet Zen tea house , The use of narrow light, so that space is more a mysterious and quiet. There are bamboo, accompanied by tea, the perception of tea and the dialogue between people, ironing posts city noise, the digestion of people's anxiety and fatigue.




How does the project reflect the exhibition theme "Cultural Bay Area • Humanistic Design"?




In the Yongqing area of Enning road after renovation, the designer creates a quiet tea room in the hidden corner, using bamboo and other raw materials to create a natural and quiet tea drinking atmosphere through design. When people enter this teahouse, take off the impetuous City, drink a sweet, taste the leisure of life. People often say: Guangzhou is a city with cultural heritage. People here will enjoy life. Through yongqingfang shiguangli, Daosheng design combines the charm of laoxiguan in the old city of Guangzhou with the leisure tea house, highlighting the leisure atmosphere and humanistic temperament of Guangzhou.