项目名称 Project Name: 听海图书馆 / The Tinghai Library

参展机构 Company:深圳市本果建筑装饰设计有限公司 / Shenzhen BenGuo Architectural Decoration Design Co., Ltd

客户 Client : 盐田区图书馆 / Yantian Public Library

创作年份 Year : 2018




Project Background


深圳首家 " 离大海最近 " 的图书馆—— " 听海图书馆 "作为全国首家实体智慧图书馆深圳市盐田区图书馆的分馆,是盐田区图书馆创新阅读空间的一个前行项目,也是梅沙社区文化建设的又一体现,它是社会基层治理的又一表现形式,是有利于民众成长的社区基层文化建设空间,也是发展全民阅读的良好土壤。


“Tinghai Library (meaning ‘listen to the sea’)”, the first library in Shenzhen that is “nearest to the sea”, has been open to the public since 2019. “Tinghai Library”is a branch of Yantian Public Library--the first physical Smart Library in China, a pilot project of innovative reading for Yantian Public Library.


“Tinghai Library”is also another manifestation of social grass-roots governance, specifically in Meisha Community, good soil for the development of civil reading.




Problem Statement and Project Solution




Tinghai library is an important exploration for Yantian Public Library to vigorously promote the construction of the “General and Branch Library System”. How to make use of limited community venue space for civil reading?




Our design is based on the interaction between human and space. Our conception and plane layout are based on the characteristics of the community readers. The main concept as "affinity between books and people", our design paid attention to both the separation and interaction among functional spaces. Additionally, as the library is located along the coast, we embellished the library with local folk marine elements.




Creation Process & Result




Tinghai Library embellishes itself with marine elements in its visual guidance system, both indoor and outdoor. At its entrance, the sailboat modeling printed with the words“Tinhai Library”, tells the reader where it is. The circular art installation and its square base are inspired by ancient Chinese wisdom "the round sky and the square land", "the roundness of wisdom and the rectitude of action"--the mutual accommodation of circles and squares, and the complementation of Confucianism and Taoism, constitute the main spirit of Chinese traditional culture.






Facing the golden coast of Yantian District, the Tinghai Library is gifted with beautiful scenery. We use French windows with four sides to let the readers enjoy the panoramic view of the sunshine, the beach, the sea, the yachts, among other sceneries.


The mass tone attune of the interior space are natural log color and pure white. Various combinations of wood furniture and cloth soft bag holder, adorned with soft warm white light, to create a warm and comfortable reading atmosphere. Green plants are added to make the whole space full of vitality. Maps printed on the screen curtain shows the local culture and history. The Tinghai Library is both close to nature and full of cultural and artistic atmosphere.





作为盐田区图书馆智慧分馆," 听海图书馆 " 将为读者带来 " 抬头观山海,俯首轻吟哦 " 的全新阅读体验。


With the development of Science and Technology, libraries also need to be upgraded. The Tinghai Library is comprehensively upgraded in its equipment, from the aspects of appearance and operation simplicity. In this library, books can be automatically borrowed and returned. It is also equipped with automatic book disinfection system, e-book downloading system, face recognition entrance system, and sharing of the general and branch library systems.


Additionally, the library combines different sizes of salon area as its muti-functional edge.

As the intelligent branch of Yantian Public Library, "Tinghai Library" brings readers a new enjoyable reading experience.




How does the project reflect the exhibition theme "Cultural Bay Area • Humanistic Design"?




The Tinghai Library is a demonstration of grass-roots cultural construction in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area. By tapping into community memory and refining community characteristics, BenGuo design manages to render a space where community residents are willing to step in and read, and feel the warmth of the city by reading in such spaces.