项目名称 Project Name: 新兴·禅域小镇 / XINXING ZEN DOMAIN TOWN

参展机构 Company : 天萌国际设计 / TEAMER INT′L

客户 Client : 新兴鼎盛文化产业投资有限公司、广域集团 / Xinxing Dingsheng Cultural Industry Investment Co., ltd、Guangyu Group

创作年份 Year : 2015年

设计师 Designer : 陈宏良 / Henry




Project Background




The project is located in Xinxing County, Yunfu City, Guangdong Province. Under the background of vigorously promoting the development of tourism culture, taking the hometown of Huineng, the sixth patriarch, as the support point, and taking "based on Zen culture, excavating the connotation of meditation, integrating tourism resources, and opening up the international market" as the core concept throughout the whole project planning, the multi-functional complex tourism holy land and the all-round interactive experience park are perfectly combined to establish the world's most distinctive and influential The comprehensive tourism brand of Zen culture provides all-round "Zen heart cultivation" tour.




Problem Statement and Project Solution






1. Planning such a large project, how to balance and integrate the nine themes of Zen and Buddha worship, practice experience, health care sports, activity exhibition, health recuperation, leisure and vacation, cultural exchange, religious creation and education and training? The four major functions of the project - meditation, Zen Music, Zen food and Zen residence - will be under the command of eight distinctive comprehensive parks, namely, Chan Yin Tang, Chan Jing Yuan, Chan Meng Yuan, Chan meditation Park, Chan Sheng Yuan, Chan Rest Garden, Chan Xiang Yuan, and Chan Shou yuan. These nine composite functions and themes will be reflected in the eight parks one by one.


2. How can business and Zen culture be integrated to achieve a balance? The design team skillfully uses the theme of "crossing" to let visitors roam in the commercial street full of Tang Dynasty style and experience the commercial life of master Huineng in his life. Intangible cultural heritage, scientific and technological experience, shopping, catering and other functional formats are available. The one-stop experience of eating, walking, traveling, entertainment and shopping is a one-stop experience. This International Commercial Street, which combines Zen culture, Tang style experience and Lingnan style, will bring you different "crossing" experience.




Creation Process & Result




The whole design echoes with the Zen Theme of the project, providing visitors with a unique and unforgettable travel experience, and washing their hearts accordingly. Therefore, the design team grasped the key points of extracting, enlarging, improving and using Zen culture, and made every effort to build a Zen hall with a curling sound, a Yunfu Yatu Hotel reflecting Zen life, a commercial street full of Tang Dynasty style and a landmark praying bridge.




How does the project reflect the exhibition theme "Cultural Bay Area • Humanistic Design"?






1. Xinxing · Zen town is located in Xinxing County, Yunfu City, the hometown of Huineng, the "Chinese Zen capital". The Zen spirit runs through the theme and function of the whole project. In the Zen space created by the project, people can immerse themselves in stories and sentences full of Zen philosophy, and trigger the subtle experience and insight of Zen culture again.


2. With the increasingly fierce competition and pressure in the social development, people's spiritual needs of pursuing peace and returning to nature in life also follow. The design team creates a simple, natural, healthy and simple Zen themed cultural tourism town for the general public. It enables people to fully understand the Zen life style, put everything down, and share a quiet and comfortable place with family and friends, so as to provide a place for every tourist to live in.