项目名称 Project : 大明山大明湖公共卫生间 / The Public Toilet of Daming Lake on Daming Mountain

参展机构 Company : 杭州木伏建筑研究室 / MUFU-ARCHLAB

客户 Client(选填) : 大明山风景区管理处 / Management Committee of Daming Mountain

创作年份 Years(必填) : 2019

设计师 Designer(选填) : 黄广龙、吴荔 / Huang Guanglong、Wu Li

摄影 Photographer(选填) : 陆伟杰、杨力维、杨建刚 / Lu Weijie、Yang Liwei、Yang Jiangang




Project Background



Located on the hillside of Daming Lake in Daming Mountain of Lin 'an District, there has been a simple toilet. The original purpose of the owner is to make a easy transformation for toilet.



The meaning of “public”contained by the public toilet happens to represent the impression of the countryside. In consideration of specific environmental conditions of the site and the care for human beings, we have rethought the form and space of the public toilet. It was hoped that the final result of the design of the public toilet would be unshackled from the original “role”represented by their mere functions, so as to be turned into an shaped scenery in Daming Mountain.




Problem Statement and Project Solution




Through the observation and analysis of the traffic on the site and routes for tourists, we found that three different modes of transportation shall be adopted for tourists moving from the town to Daming Mountain: Interchange, shuttle bus of scenic spot and cable car, then a long-term walking tour can be proceeded. Given the above scenario, the base beside Daming Lake can not only meet the function of toilet, but also serve as an important transit station for tourists from “rushing” to "sightseeing". Located on the hillside near the mountain and water, the base is can also be considered as an significant scenic spot harmonized with the surrounding landscape. Therefore, how to integrate and harmonize the transformed toilet with the external environmental condition of the site, so as to provide tourists with a kind of emotional change of being suddenly enlightened, is the focus of our design. The final form of the building is two tubes, which are located high in the middle of the mountain under the guidance of a stone-stacked ramp. One tube leads the flow of people and sight to the building, while the other is cantilevered out of the mountain and straight to Daming Lake.




Creation Process & Result



Relying on the original difference of ground elevation, the tourists are introduced into the building through the double fold ramp from main entrance of the public toilet site, thus realizing the natural transformation of from external to internal space. Entering the building, the outer steel bar grille and the inner rubble wall guide the tourists to go straight, hiding the private functional space of the toilet itself in the back.



The route is deflected at the end. The functional layout of the wash basin marks the climax of the space. The turning tube is overhanging outside the mountain and straight to Daming Lake. The tube itself strengthens the focus of the sight and gives people a strong sense fo feeling. From the outside, this telescope-like overhanging mouth also comes into being an impressive visual focus on the hillside. The natural landscape is reflected to the human eye through the mirror on the sink. When washing their hands, people can see the scenery along the Daming Lake as well as themselves at the same time. The picture in the mirror is like a long scroll spread out before their eyes. At this point, the visitor's body and mind are completely released at this space node.




How does the project reflect the exhibition theme "Cultural Bay Area • Humanistic Design"?



As the most basic social public supporting building, public toilet is the window of social civilization. The design of public toilets should not only consider the function and form, but also pay attention to people's experience, reflect social care, respect the site and reflect the personality of the site. The design must be both humane and character, use creative thinking to solve various problems, and embody humanistic care and respect. How to attach importance to people, respect people, care for people and love people is the theme of our design.