项目名称 Project Name:智能防抖勺  Hand Tremor Data Collector

客户 Client:深圳市臻络科技有限公司 GYENNO Technologies CO., LTD.

创作年份 Year:2017.12

作品尺寸 Size:233 * 52.5 * 31.5mm

设计总监Design Director:谷威 Cooper

外观设计Appearance Design:谷威 Cooper

结构设计Mechanical Design:深圳市臻络科技有限公司 GYENNO Technologies CO., LTD.




Project Background


目前发达国家的人口老龄化越来越严重,其中日本 60 岁及以上人口已占其总人口的 33%,意大利 29%,葡萄牙、保加利亚和芬兰分别占到 28%,均列世界上人口老龄化问题最严重的国家前列。中国的人口老龄化趋势也进一步加快,60 岁及以上人口占总人口的 16%,而我国 60 岁以上的老年人超过 1%患有帕金森病,65 岁以上的老年人口中大约有 1.7%的人患有帕金森病,有特发性震颤的患者的数量约为帕金森帕患者数量的 3-4 倍之多。综上所述,全世界范围内手抖人群基数不断增大已经成为一个明显趋势。


At present, the population of developed countries is becoming more and more aging. Among them, Japan’s population aged 60 and over has accounted for 33% of its total population, Italy 29%, Portugal, Bulgaria and Finland accounted for 28% respectively, ranking the world’s aging population. The forefront of the most problematic countries. China's population aging trend is also accelerating. The population aged 60 and over accounts for 16% of the total population. More than 1% of the elderly over 60 years old in China have Parkinson's disease, and about 1.7% of the elderly over 65 years old. People with Parkinson's disease, the number of patients with idiopathic tremor is about 3-4 times the number of patients with Parkinsonpa. In summary, the increasing base of hand-shake crowds around the world has become a clear trend.




Problem Statement and Project Solution


Hand Tremor Data Collector是一款配备专业级技术和设计的产品,可以立即响应无法控制的摇动动作,并进行智能运动补偿,减少从手到勺子的摇动效果。




通过海量数据采集和机器学习算法,基于对所有患者震颤的研究,Hand Tremor Data Collector的效果将自动且持续地得到改善。让每一位帕金森患者享受轻松生活。


Hand Tremor Data Collector is a spoon equipped with top-level technology and design, which can be responded to the uncontrollable shaking movements immediately and make intelligent movement compensate to reduce the shaking effect from the hand to the spoon. Precise size, just about right proportion and ergonomic design is consistent with the spirit of its work completed. It also aims at user’s experience mostly because it fits people’s life style properly in order to help them use and carry it everywhere. When people with Parkinson’s disease use this spoon, it can automatically neutralize their movements and minimize the effect of uncontrollable shaking moving frequency, allowing patients once again to enjoy their food independently. Through mass data collection and machine learning algorithm, the effect result of Hand Tremor Data Collector will be improved automatically and continually based on study about the tremor of all patients.


创作过程&结果呈现 Creation Process & Result

Hand Tremor Data Collector产品针对有手部震颤症状的人群的辅助设备,主要即为帕金森病患者人群;睿餐智能防抖勺 TC20坚持极简的设计方式,我们旨在还原产品本质的状态,摒弃掉多余的修饰性语言,让产品更整体化;


Hand Tremor Data Collector products are aimed at people with hand tremor symptoms, mainly for patients with Parkinson's disease; TC20 is a minimalist design method, we aim to restore the essence of the product, abandon the product Excessively modified language to make the product more integrated;

We design the core meal anti-shake spoon into a spoon handle and a spoon cover, which is more in line with the user's usage habits and operation logic, and the integrated spoon cover can prevent the infection of external bacteria to the maximum extent and ensure the cleanness of the tableware. It can improve the portability of products. From the perspective of industrial design, the product will discard the interference of redundant and complicated design elements, and maximize the semantic meaning of the products;



How does the project reflect the exhibition theme "Cultural Bay Area • Humanistic Design"?


With the development of the times, aging and the eating and living problems of Parkinson's patients have become more and more topics of social concern, and it is imperative that they need to be resolved. The birth of the anti-shake spoon is also an opening to the elderly and the elderly. Parkinson's patients eat and give them the first step of a normal lifestyle.